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A Unique Collection of Yummy Hamo Gourmet NFTs Await

Yummy Hamo NFTs are a collection of interactive "Gourmet Guides" that bring the world's signature cuisines to the blockchain. The collection features 1,000 carefully curated and beloved dishes from nine diverse culinary cultures plus a special category of culturally rich street food. With Yummy Hamo NFTs, you can discover and learn about exciting dishes, their provenance, their transformations through time and across regions, and even recipe tips. The interaction between Yummy Hamo NFT owners and the NFT is powered by the inscription of an Immutable Miniverse™ code that is unique to each NFT, beautifully presented together with the Yummy Hamo artwork in an animated GIF.

The Yummy Hamo NFT smart contract address is:

The Yummy Hamo NFT Opensea project page is:

Bringing the Culinary World to Web3

Each Yummy Hamo NFT inscribes a signature gourmet dish and an artistically created Hamo foodie character in an animated GIF file.

A New Category of Programmable NFTs

Yummy Hamo NFTs are paving the way for the Hitch Interactive team to launch even more playful, interactive NFTs that are encoded and encrypted with immutable messages and content, executable programs, or even virtual avatar models with imaginative NFT artwork.

For an Exclusive Club of Web3 Trail-blazers

Only 1,000 NFTs powered by Immutable Miniverse™ technology will be minted at this time, the first-ever programmable NFTs that embody the mantra: "code is law."

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Made to Order for Social Media

Each Yummy Hamo NFT was born to thrive on existing social media, with messages and interactive programs hidden in plain sight using compressed animated GIF files. Hitch Interactive will soon release a web plug-in to allow users who have embedded Yummy Hamo NFTs on other social media to directly interact with the hidden programs online.

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Embark on a remarkable culinary journey with us as we bring you a unique fusion of flavors and cultures. Yummy Hamo NFT owners hold the power to advocate for the chefs you're most eager to meet. Our carefully curated events will traverse various cuisines, taking place in distinctive locations that echo the essence of the Yummy Hamo NFT dishes. And the experience doesn't end there. – Yummy Hamo NFT owners will enjoy exclusive invitations to private events, granting them the opportunity to personally connect with esteemed chefs, gaining insights and forging memories that transcend the plate.

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Hitch Salon offers an exclusive membership that connects individuals to a world of unique experiences and resources. From cutting-edge AI racing to access to elite education, our aim is to provide members with a glimpse into the future, helping them stay ahead in our rapidly changing world. Through our immersive Hitch Salon experiences, we offer unparalleled opportunities, from private jet adventures to winery tours, museums, and fine dining, enriching the lives of our valued members.

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